The LRS Spring Surplus Equipment Sale was held as usual at St Fillan's Church, Buckstone Drive, with a good turnout of 23 members and visitors. Anyone recognise that red Landrover?


The management team consisted of: Peter GM4DTH (Cashier), Colin GM4HWO (Auctioneer) & Andy MM0FMF (Money Collector).


 Many of the sale items were remaining from the Silent Key sales for Jack McVicar GM8GEC-SK and Andre Saunders GM3VLB-SK


 Colin selling component cabinets from GM8GEC-SK


 Norrie GM1CNH selling his surplus items.


Among the larger items were a spiral notebook assembler and a Sound-Bar kit.


These were brought by Ken Henderson GM4AOR.


 And of course the raffle, which helped to pay for the room rental.