11 Oct 2023 - "The First Restricted Service Broadcast Licence - Personal Experiences - So you want to set up a pop-up Radio Station?" - Peter Laverock GM8GHQ.


Peter Laverock GM8GHQ talked about the UK Government's Restricted Service Broadcast Licences. In 1983/4 he was instrumental in setting up the first station with this licence arrangement from the then “Home Office” and DTI – a two headed monster! His unusual story  is a miracle of getting a MW radio station on the air, for  one weekend. Greenbelt Radio was the first to use this type of radio licence, a step up from the existing induction loop systems used by Hospital and University Radio at this time. As well as being the first person to successfully navigate the application of this type of licence he detailed the use of leaky feeders and low power transmitters. He brought along audio clips and the actual AM/MW transmitter used. This was 40 years ago, AM was still the thing!

Peter Laverock is a retired BBC Radio Journalist, who worked for the BBC World Service and Local Radio in the home counties until he retired. He now lives in Edinburgh.