Many thanks to Colin GM4HWO and Peter GM4DTH for these photos of the site near Gatehouse of Fleet.

Also LRS member Brian GM4DIJ/A operated from his caravan at Luce Bay near Stranraer on the Sunday after visiting GM3HAM/P on the Saturday - see bottom.

Full report in preparation.

Log submitted: 131 QSOs, Claimed Score 2,481,592, Best Dx F6DKW @ 808km (near Paris).


Back to our favourite site, on a hill-top near Gatehouse of Fleet.

Peter GM4DTH described the wx conditions as "grey and unsettled".

Radio conditions were below average with low signal strengths being the norm for the entire operating period.

We could not hear GB3VHF (144.430MHz) which was unusual.


Peter GM4DTH, and Brian GM4DIJ on the Saturday (before going to his caravan at Luce Bay to operate GM4DIJ/A the following day - see report at bottom. 

 Click for audio recording of QSO with Roger G3OHH, taken via the Hack Green WebSDR. tnx Brian GM4DIJ:

 Peter GM4DTH. Click for 2 QSOs recorded by Peter: (1) F6DKW, (2) GW0GEI:


 Brian GM8BJF & Mike GM4IGS


Colin GM4HWO and his red  Landrover.


 Another great shot by Peter GM4DTH of Colin's red  Landrover, with passenger Brian GM8BJF.


Better operation was achieved with a station consisting of a separate main rig and a 2m transverter:

Elecraft K3 transceiver + Kuhne 2m transverter+ solid-state linear LDMOS amp at 400W. 


 Operating tent and mast / antennas.


The antennas were an M2 17-element yagi plus a secondary circularly-polarized antenna to assist in working stations with non-horizontally-polarized antennas.







Campsite at the edge of the field. Nay coos this year! 


Colin GM4HWO & Brian GM8BJF

Colin cooked a German Barbecue for Saturday dinner, which was much appreciated.

(Not to mention the bacon rolls each morning)!


South view to the Solway Firth on the Sunday afternoon.

On a clear day, the Isle of Man is visible.


(2) LRS member Brian GM4DIJ/A operating from Luce Bay near Stranraer.

"I had a go at the 6 hour section on the Sunday from my caravan at Luce Bay after visiting Gatehouse of Fleet on the Saturday. I only meant to come on to provide DG postcode. I initially put up a dipole".

Equipment was an IC-9700 running 100W to a discrete 4 element at 3m agl and 5m asl.


Contest 144MHz May Contest
Section 6S (6 hours Single Op Fixed)
Group GMDX
QSOs 11
Calculated QSO points 2330
ODX Call F4FET/P (near Boulogne-sur-Mer on the channel coast).
ODX Points 625
Postcodes 10
WWLs 6
Mults 15

Overall points 34,950

QSO map of Brian GM4DIJ/A with best DX F4FET near Boulogne-sur-Mer in France.