Mike GM4IGS, Norrie GM1CNH, Peter GM4DTH, Brian GM4DIJ, Andy MM0FMF, Pete GM4BYF

Activity was low on Saturday but better on Sunday. Propagation was above average.

Weather was very good but cold at night.

Final allowed results:

185 QSOs, 65,970 points, Best DX: F6APE in grid IN97qi at 874km distance.

RESULT: 8th position in Open Section  (Click for details).

 Photos by GM4BYF, GM4DTH & MM0FMF.


Getting the beams ready for erection.


 A fine sight once it was up!


 There were 2 beams for 2m - a very high-gain but narrow beam-width yagi and a smaller "spotter" beam with wider beam-width but lower gain.


The excellent wx allowed the tent door to remain open.


 Norrie GM1CNH and (rear) Mike GM4IGS.


 Brian GM4DIJ & Mike GM4IGS


Mike GM4IGS & Pete GM4BYF.


 Mike GM4IGS & Pete GM4BYF.


Peter GM4DTH was well-equipped to record the whole show on video. 


We are all looking forward to viewing "The 2m Trophy Story" at a future LRS meeting.


Brian GM4DIJ doing the night shift.

(Great shot by Peter GM4DTH). 


 Sunrise on the Sunday morning.