LRS Viral Net 73 was held on Wed 25th Aug 2021 with participants Colin GM4HWO (controller), Alan GM3PSP, Peter GM4DTH, Mike GM8KCS, Briain GM8PKL, Brian GM4DIJ & Brian GM8BJF (Peebles).

Colin was awaiting delivery of a 5-element beam for 2m. He would unfortunately not be available for the Christmas Curry. Alan said that the Braid Hills Hotel had confirmed all our meeting dates (see schedule on this website), starting with the AGM next Wednesday, 1st September (note - 1st Wed of month). He thanked Brian BJF for fixing his TS-2000 rig. He had just bought an 8-element 2m yagi from Colin and hoped to get it up soon, replacing his 4-ele for 6m. Peter was recovering from a cold. He had worked our good friend Ray GM4CXM in Glasgow earlier in the day. He would not be available for the AGM but would provide his financial report. He hoped to visit the BHH shortly to pay all of our room charges for the year in advance. Mike was sweltering in his (wooden) shack! Earlier in the day he had worked a lighthouse station in Hamburg on 40m. Briain was enjoying his new IC-9100 which includes 23cm. In a QSO with Malcolm GM3TAL they had discussed French restaurants and HF antennas. Brian DIJ had worked 13 stations in a 4m contest last week. Best Dx was being G3TBK/P in IO93 at 373km. Before the contest he heard the 4m beacons EI4RF and GB3BUX. On 13cm last night he only made 3 QSOs with Best Dx being G8KPD/P in IO85 at 112km. He was busy building a new 14-element beam for 70cm portable work. Brian BJF called in but was very weak. E&OE. Audio tnx Peter:



LRS Viral Net 72 was held on Wed 18th Aug 2021, controlled by Peter GM4DTH, with Mike GM8KCS, Briain GM8PKL, Norrie GM1CNH & Brian GM4DIJ. 

Mike was trying to restore a J Beam 8 element 2m yagi. Had swept out shack. Reporting the 2m Irish beacon was louder than normal. Has been experimenting with HF 1/2 wave end fed aerials. Briain has a new wet carpet cleaner, this was used in cleaning a bathroom flood. Worked Ray GM4CXM (Bearsden) who has returned to the radio after a break. In the process of buying a used Icom IC-9100x. Waiting on a Gophoret (brand name) power supply from China. These are well-made low-noise supplies which have a better build quality than the products on the amateur market. He is also going to experiment with the 1/2 wave end fed. Norrie has not been on the net for a few weeks. Was checking numbers for the attending the 2m Trophy contest in September, at present numbers are low. HF band conditions not very exciting at present. Keeping to the aerial theme he has a 43 foot vertical to go portable for HF operation. Brian had a builder visit for planned repairs. Operated on the 4m Cumulative contest on Sunday worked ten stations with the best dx being GW. Was on the 23cm contest the previous evening, under flat conditions, working 9 stations with the best dx being GI6ATZ. Enjoyed the barbecue held on the previous Thursday. He has found another /P site near his caravan. Peter announced that the results of VHF Field Day have been released. Continuing to work at the ciné society. In the past used to use 1/2 wave end fed on top band when portable. Was contemplating listening to the 300kHz beacons when away from the QRM of the urban location. Discussed the range of the Gophoret power supplies. Report & audio recording tnx Peter.


The LRS Summer Barbecue 2021 was held as usual at "Bates Motel" but later than usual, on 12th August, during the Perseids Meteor Shower, due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Photos by Alan GM3PSP & Peter GM4DTH.

Attendees: Pete GM4BYF & Kay GM6KAY (hosts), Alan GM3PSP, Vic GM3OWU, Brian GM8BJF, Mike GM6KCS, Roger & Kath Hill, Brian GM4DIJ, Colin GM4HWO, Peter GM4DTH & Melvyn GM4HYR. (12)

Apologies from Veronica Saunders following hand surgery. (We toasted her good health).


LRS Viral Net 71 on Wed 11th Aug 2021 participants: Colin GM4HWO, (controller), Alan GM3PSP, Peter GM4DTH, Melvyn GM4HYR, Briain GM8PKL, John 2M0JTU, Brian GM4DIJ and Brian GM8BJF (Peebles).

Colin had been busy selling (car loads of) gear from GM8GEC-SK, mostly on e-Bay. He was looking forward to finishing work (forever) in a few weeks time. Alan was looking forward to the LRS BBQ the following night at "Bates Motel" and had put up a photo of the original on the website with a recommendation not to use the shower! He congratulated Melvyn on winning the D/F Hunt and asked him to bring the D/F Trophy to the BBQ so it could be presented to him again! He mentioned that the LRS Committee would be meeting (virtually) this Friday to begin planning for a hopefully-normal club year starting in September. Peter had been busy at the ECVS. He conformed there would be no charge for the LRS BBQ. Briain had been busy chopping trees to make room for an HF antenna (half-wave end-fed for 40m). He had joined the Kingdom Net (in Fife) last night, controlled by our good friend Malcolm GM3TAL. He had just bought an IC-720 on e-Bay and was refurbishing it. John 2M0JTU in Corstorphine was a new face on the net, running 25W from an FT-736R to a 5/8 vertical in his attic. He was quite readable to all but not quite as strong as others. First licensed in 2020, he then passed his Intermediate exam and was now working on his full licence. He hopes to get to an LRS meeting before long. Brian DIJ had been aerial-modelling a 22GHz antenna. On 70cm the night before he had worked a GM and G4ODA in IO92 (Lincs) but had SWR problems, possibly due to the mast-head pre-amp unit. Brian BJF called in from Peebles (when we remembered to listen for him)! He was weak but readable initially but became unreadable. E&OE. Audio recording may be delayed a little. 

LRS Viral Net 70 was held on Wed 4th Aug with: Colin GM4HWO (controller). Briain GM8PKL, Michael MM0MSU, Alan GM3PSP, John GM8OTI, Peter GM4DTH, Mike MM0MMN,  Brian GM4DIJ, Brian GM8BJF with apols from Pete GM4BYF.

Colin was looking forward to the BBQ next week and would contact a number of guests. Briain had enjoyed a visit from Peter. He was expecting new neighbours soon. He had moved his radials. He might get to the BBQ. Michael in Niddrie was unfortunately unreadable at PSP and some others but heard by HWO. Alan had put up on the website items about the D/F Hunt, BBQ and postponement of GMRT to 2022, the latter due to ongoing major roof work at the MoC. John had operated 13cm from Bengray (click for map) in Galloway (just north of Gatehouse of Fleet) in mid-July. Peter had enjoyed his beers on Briain's deck. He suggested Michael's signal problem might be due to his antenna. Mike called in to say hello from Glendevon. (His entry has some interesting photos). Brian DIJ had spent some weeks in Galloway and had entered 2m, 70cm and 3cm contests. He took part in the D/F Hunt but unfortunately did not find the Fox! He would be at the BBQ. Brian BJF was not audible at PSP this week but said he would be at the BBQ. E&OE. Audio tnx Peter:



The D/F Hunt on 28th July 2021 was the first actual meeting of LRS members since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. The Fox station GM3HAM/P was operated by Peter GM4DTH. Photos by Alan GM3PSP, Briain GM8PKL & Peter GM4DTH.


Report by Peter GM4DTH: 

The reduction of public health restrictions allowed the Lothians DF Hunt to be held, the last hunt being in 2019. This was the first date not to conflict with the health restrictions as there is a post-hunt meeting to serve as a debriefing and allows competitors to discuss their progress.
This year the fox kept the transmitter on for the full duration of the hunt. The aim was to speed up the hunt as the daylight hours were shorter than our usual dates. The fox used a simpler aerial and ground system to facilitate rapid dismantling. The vertical (30 foot) is usually helically wound to improve efficiency, this time it was a straight conductor. A nearby fence provided a part of the ground/counterpoise. The station configuration was the same as the last few years using an Elecraft KX3 and matching autotuner running 3W output. Modulation was from a tone generator in the handset feed. Battery was a 6 cell LIPO block with a DC to DC converter giving 14V.  
The site chosen was at Grid Ref 239685 near White Lady Walk south of the springs that provided drinking water in the past and not far from the Caiy Stane. This is about a mile from the start. Down the path you end up at the Braid Burn. Near to the end is a building that combines the water from the local springs. See:
The 20-minute penalty clues, none of which were requested, were: 1. Go south. 2. Caiy Stane 3. Head north to woods ‘White Lady Walk’.


Information for 2021 D/F Hunt - NOTE LOCATION OF START POINT

The LRS D/F Hunt will take place on Wednesday 28th July 2021. Start 7.30pm sharp.

The start point avoids the high noise level experienced in earlier years near the Braid Hills Hotel. Members (or visitors) wishing to take part are advised to be on Braid Hills Road at the sign for Braids Golf Course (junction with Braid Hills Ave / Braid Hills Approach / Braid Mount (NT-246698) no later than 7.20pm, although this is not essential - some entrants choose to start from elsewhere. There is always room for those not equipped with receivers to join up with members who are so-equipped. The "Fox" will be located somewhere within the City boundary and participants should be equipped with a map and the necessary equipment to draw out bearings. The Fox will transmit using the callsign GM3HAM/P for 5 minutes-on / 5 minutes-off periods starting promptly at 7.30 pm. The frequency will be 1.875 MHz with an amplitude modulated tone being broadcast plus voice identification at the start and end of each period of transmitting. Operation will cease at about 9.30pm and an informal gathering will occur at a pub not too far from the Fox's location, which will be announced at that time.  

Participants are advised to be equipped with a mobile phone. A coordinator will be available at the start to provide the mobile number of the fox station (Peter GM4DTH) and to register the participants' mobile numbers so that in the event of them not locating the Fox, they can request clues regarding the location of the Fox station (or the pub)! Each clue provided will incur a penalty of 20 minutes. Test signals similar to those of the Fox on 1.875 MHz can be provided if requested well in advance - contact Peter GM4DTH to arrange.

For those not D/F-ing, LRS Viral Net 69 was held on Wed 28th July, controlled by Colin GM4HWO, with Michael MM0MSU & XYL Sarah MM0TXN, Briain GM8PKL, Peter GM4BYF, and Peter GM3HAM/P D/F hunt Fox station.

Michael & Sarah joined us from Niddrie using a VHF folded dipole & FT-290R running 3 watts but a good signal. Pete's PAT van has suffered terminal turbo failure and is being replaced by a RED POSTMAN PAT (Peugoet Rifter Van) next week. Pete and XYL Kay have enjoyed 2 hols in Norfolk and Fife recently with great weather. Pete will not be on the LRS net for a few weeks now due to has choir duties on these Wed evenings. A LRS BBQ at his QTH still under review. Briain is focussing on caring for his mother but considering a further clover leaf aerial upgrade shortly. Colin is focussing on work and selling the GM8GEC-SK collection. Peter, operating GM3HAM/P, called in a few times to update on DF Hunt progress and advised Melvyn had won. (See separate report). Tnx Colin for net report. Tnx Peter for audio rec made by the D/F Fox!