Net #51 on 24th March had a record 12 participants: controller Colin GM4HWO, Mike GM8KCS, Alan GM3PSP, Pete GM4BYF, Brian GM8BJF, John GM8OTI, Melvyn GM4HYR, Peter GM4DTH, Briain GM8PKL, Brian GM4DIJ, Robin GM4YPL and guest Nathan 2M0NHD (Longstone).

Colin was glad to be back after a bad reaction to the Covid vaccine. He had been working on bike projects. Looking forward to possible VHF/UHF contests he wondered what antennas would be practicable. He had a 2m folded dipole for sale @ £15. Mike had replaced a length of coax which was running hot! and hoped to be on 4m soon. Alan mentioned new website items: cancellation of the Cockenzie Mini-Rally in August.The next MoC Goudie lecture on 17th April would be "TV Programs we used to watch". Pete had worked 4 stations on 13cm, best Dx G4CLA in Leicestershire. He had fixed a relay problem in his 23cm preamp. but had mast problems with his 67-ele 13cm beam. He had done two 12-mile walks recently. Pete relayed news from Brian BJF (n/h @ psp): demolished some obstructing holly trees and beam was horizontal tonight. John was on his halo. He had been busy sanding his floor and doing astronomical photography. Melvyn had been working at his daughter's new house again, especially on the garden drains! He was using his vertical antenna as the horizontal beam was down. He had been at Dalmeny on Sunday. He wondered about the possibility of a D/F Hunt this summer. Peter had been busy with Edinburgh Cine & Video Society work. He hoped the LRS might re-start in September, depending on availability of the Braid Hills Hotel. D/F hunt might have to wait until the pubs reopened! Briain was planning for a 4m tower. He was happy with Windows-10 although he had had a crash after a recent update! His favourite browser was Firefox. Brian DIJ was on 4m last Thursday and worked 24 stations, all done by 9:15. Best DX was G3VCA in IO93 Durham. On 13cm on Tuesday he only worked 2 GM stations. He could do a talk on OPNS simulation. He had run to Dalmeny recently. Robin was glad to be back. Busy with DIY jobs. Nathan 2M0NHD called in for the first time (welcome!), running 30W from Longstone. He prefers his other call MM3NDH which allows QRO! E&OE. Audio tnx Peter:

Net #50 on 17th March 2021: Apology: Colin GM4HWO. Controller: GM3HAM / Pete GM4BYF, Brian GM8BJF, Alan GM3PSP, Peter GM4DTH, Briain GM8PKL, Mike GM8KCS, Brian GM4DIJ, Jack GM1CQC, Bill GM8SQM, Melvyn GM4HYR.

Pete was the "Fat Controller" using the club call GM3HAM. Brian BJF was a good signal on his 14-ele horizontal beam. He had been busy destroying 5 transistors in his 23cm preamp. Last night he had worked Sue G8SFI in York. He was still hopeful of a BBQ at Bates Motel some time. Brian BJF (n/h @ psp) reported to Pete that his beam was horizontal tonight. He reported that doppler shift had been heard on the 3cm beacon at GM3WOJ by Briain PKL. Alan reported on the latest news items uploaded to the website including one about the likely battery lifetimes in electric cars. He was considering putting up his venerable halo antenna to try to get a better (horizontal) signal from BJF. Peter suggested BJF use a narrower beam towards the (church) reflector. BJF was 5&1 on his 5/8 vertical. Peter was about to erect a new antenna. He had just received a Chinese EMF meter.  He had worked Toby MM0MSS/M. Briain suggested a cloverleaf antenna for Alan. Re battery cars, he has a hybrid. Mike (Buckstone) was getting Brian at 5&4 on his 9-element Tonna after doing some aerial work today. He couldn't contemplate the cost of replacing an electric car battery! Brian DIJ gave BJF a good 5&7-8 from Corstorphine. He worked 7 stations on 4m on Sunday and 10 on 23cm last night mostly by aircraft scatter. His 70cm preamp stopped working but was now OK after the water was poured out! Jack at Crewe Toll, running 5W was only 3&1 at psp. He had viewed the film of the Aberdeen club on the website and thought he only recognised GM3AEL. Bill thanked Colin for the RG-214 coax and plugs and was working on his antenna. Melvyn apologised for being late after doing some exciting paperwork. He had taken down his beam for testing polarity and its rotator. E&OE. Audio tnx Peter:


Net #49 on 10th March 2021: controller Colin GM4HWO, Alan GM3PSP, Mike GM8KCS, Briain GM8PKL, Pete GM4BYF, Brian GM8BJF Peebles, Melvyn GM4HYR, Peter GM4DTH, Brian GM4DIJ, Chris GM4YPL Linlithgow, Bill GM8SQM Kirkliston.

Colin had almost finished selling the HOQ valves and relays. He had installed a 4m dipole. Alan sadly had had to have his dog Clyde put to sleep. He noted that next week's net would be #50 - quite an achievement. Mike was concerned about the forecast stormy wx. He had been doing EMC calculations for the new Ofcom regulations. Briain continued work on his new yagi installation. He sent his 73s to George DU1GM who reads these net reports in the Philippines! Pete had found things shambolic in the 2m and 70cm 24-hour contests. On 70cm last night he worked 4 stations on aircraft scatter and a total of 19 stations including JO-02 on tropo. Brian BJF was a good 5&1 at PSP. He had worked Nick G4KUX in Bishop Auckland at 5&9. Melvyn was also complaining about wind. Peter had sent the agreed LRS donation to the MoC. He had now received bits from China for his new interface. Brian DIJ had heard nothing in the 9cm and 13cm periods, nothing on 70cm, but did work Dave G4ASR in Hereford on 2m. On Tuesday 70cm was "grim" but he did work Pete G4CLA in IO82 (Lutterworth). Chris was a welcome new voice on the net and planned to be on more often. He was 5&5 at psp. Bill was a good signal. He thanked Colin for the antenna and cable and hoped to be on more. E&OE  Audio tnx Peter:




Net #48 on 3rd March 2021: controller Colin GM4HWO, Pete GM4BYF, Brian GM8BJF (Peebles), Peter GM4DTH, Mike GM8KCS, Briain GM8PKL, Norrie GM1CNH, Melvyn GM4HYR, John GM8OTI, Brian GM4DIJ, Alan GM3PSP, Bill GM8SQM.

Pete had worked 39 on the 2m contest in good condx but had killed his LED garage lights! Best DX was PA5Y. Keith GM4YXI in IO88 had worked over 100. Pete had completed testing all the valves and would now sell his valve tester. He later reported that Brian BJF (not audible at PSP) was working on Raspberry-Pi, Unix and 3cm beam projects. Peter had got a 4m / M rig which tested OK and would be used for GB2RS work, and also 2m. An ADS/EBU interface was available for future use. He took this nice shot of Briain's QTH on the side of the Braids:

Briain GM8PKL QTH - photo by Peter GM4DTH

Mike reported the GB3NGI beacon was strong at S2-S7 on a tapped vertical whip. Mike hopes to rig has 2m antenna soon after getting more poles from Granton on Monday. Norrie had fired up his linear to full power to a 9-element yagi. He started his car on Saturday after keeping the battery on trickle-charge for months but this had confused the low-voltage alarm which wasn't smart enough! He had found good IARU software for EMC calculations for the new OfCom regulations and would send them to Alan for the website (tnx - posted - psp). Melvyn was still busy working on his daughter's new house. John had watched the latest SpaceX launch which was shut-down at the last minute. (It blew up several minutes later - psp)! Brian DIJ had 10 QSOs in the Sunday cumulative including Pete BYF, Terry GM3WUX, G4TLZ (aircraft scatter) & NIck G4KUX. Condx were strange on 2m last night and he only worked G8RVQ in Liverpool. He heard GDs OK and the GB3NGI beacon was loud. With a new VNA he had measured his on 70cm and 23cm. Colin was busy selling valves (tnx to Pete for testing).  He was buying mobile antennas for HF and 2m for his LandRrover and would soon have a discone installed on his chimney by Ian, the "Antenna-Medic". Alan reported that his daughter Sheila had just been in an Edinburgh Evening News article about a litter-gathering project in Leith. Bill called in to report hearing most stations well in Kirkliston. Several people commented on the new RSGB plan for a single exam for the Full Licence, rather than the current 3 stages. It was agreed this was a very good thing, long overdue!

E&OE. Audio file (net only) tnx Peter:



Net #47 on 24 Feb: Apols: Colin GM4HWO & Alan GM3PSP. Controller Pete GM4BYF. Participants: Peter GM4DTH, Briain GM8PKL, Mike GM8KCS, Melvyn GM4HYR, John GM8OTI, Brian GM8BJF, Brian GM4DIJ. Visitor Mike GM0MMN Kirkcaldy.

Peter has taken delivery of a Key KM80 commercial mobile on 4m to be used for the GB2RS service. This should lead to an improvement in audio quality. Testing will take place over the next few days. Briain has had a new aerial bracket heavily chromated bringing the day it will be in the sky ever closer. Mike had been working in Glasgow and communicated /M with Peter on 2m AM at the junction for Airdrie. Melvyn was the first to report aerial damage after yesterday's gales. His 60m dipole had disintegrated and his large magnetic loop had broken free from its mountings. John hoped he had cured the problem with the relays 'chattering' in his amplifier. He suspected an EMC issue and improved the screening of the relay's circuitry. Still in construction mode he is developing a regulator to use with a four cell Lipo battery to power 12V equipment. Finally he was recommending watching NASA's video of the landing on the rover 'Perseverance'. Brian BJF, in Peebles, was audible to the majority on the net. He had been renovating his 2m aerial and the general feeling was an improvement of his signal. He reported that his noise level was lower than usual The final Brian of the evening (DIJ) said that his 23cm aerial needed attention after the gales. In the 4m contest he worked Terry GM3WUX, Malcolm GM4TAL and Mike GM4IGS. Pete reminded everyone how long his chromated Tonna 2m beam had lasted. His 23cms preamplifier was still unserviceable He pointed out in the past he has an EMC issue with intermittent self keying of a transmitter being trigged by spikes from his refrigerator. He warned the net not to buy furniture from direct from an Cornish online retailer which delivers direct from their warehouse. What they did not reveal is the warehouse's location which is in Vietnam. It seems that they have adopted some of their trading practices of the fictional character 'Arthur Daley’. Report - tnx Peter. Audio file tnx Peter.



Participants in Net 46 on 17th February 2021 were: Colin GM4HWO (controller), Alan GM3PSP, Mike GM8KCS, Melvyn GM4HYR, Pete GM4BYF, Brian GM8BJF, John GM8OTI, Briain GM8PKL, Peter GM4DTH & Brian GM4DIJ.

Colin suggested keeping overs to 3-4 minutes each to complete by 9pm, after net over-runs in previous weeks. Subsequent rag-chew would be separately recorded. He was busy selling valves from GM3HOQ-SK and from himself, on e-Bay. He would arrange to send the Tonna antenna to Mike GM4IGS in troon. He suggested posting details of the RSGB Activity Nights on the LRS website. Alan had put up the MOC talk info on the website and a report on a signal being received from Mars by VA7TIL. He wondered if an LRS BBQ might be possible this year? He was pleased to announce his daughter Sheila had just become engage to her American high-school sweetheart from 30 years ago! Mike had seen the Mars signal waterfall but had heard nothing. He had worked Toby MM0TSS/M and Peter earlier in the day. Melvyn  had erected a Magloop antenna and had had one or two QSOs on 80m QRPP. Pete had been busy testing valves for Colin, almost all done now. He gave a summary of the RSGB Activity Nights schedule. He was hopeful that a BBQ might be possible in the summer. Brian BJF was not audible at PSP - antenna at 45 degrees pse! John would need a 60cm dish to receive the Mars orbiter signal.  Briain could barely hear BJF. He was working on his 2m antenna and was considering a lightning surge protector but they were rather expensive @ £99. Peter was working on a new 2m antenna for his GB2RS transmissions on Sunday mornings. Brian DIJ in Corstorphine was getting BJF well at S5-6. He had received his Covid vaccination last Thursday after running to Sighthill! He had worked 3 station on the 23cm event, best being Terry G1LPS in Durham. No aircraft scatter had been available. E&OE. Audio tnx Peter. Note: net duration just over the hour!


11 participants contributed to a lively net #45 on 10th Feb: Colin GM4HWO, controller, Alan GM3PSP. John GM8OTI, Mike GM8KCS, Peter GM4DTH, Melvyn GM4HYR, Peter GM4BYF, Brian GM8BJF, Brian GM4DIJ & Briain GM8PKL.

Alan in the middle of one foot of snow at Fairmilehead, reported that George DU1GM continued to enjoy the reports and audio of these nets. Andy MM0FMF in Livingston regretted that he would have to go up into the Bathgate Hills to participate. Tonight Brian BJF was barely readable, even with his antenna at 45 degrees! John was looking forward to his vaccination on Sunday. As a retired astronomer he was excited by the arrivals of the Mars probes. Mike had had his vaccination. He was hearing Brian BJF very well tonight. Peter's brother's obituary in London had appeared in the Times and Telegraph. He had been photographing Arthurs Seat and the Blackford Hills (including the QTH of Briain GM8PKL)! Melvyn continued work in his daughter's house. Currently his beam is down and will be put back up as a vertical. He had had his vaccination. Pete reported 13 inches of snow, making clearing the sheet-ice on his steep driveway essential! After competing the re-decoration of their lounge he and Kay were looking to purchase new furniture for it. He had re-tuned his (valve) linear but was thinking of getting a modern transistor amp. He had contacted Bob GM4CMI who hoped to join the net soon. Pete's tower was frozen but he worked 19 stations in the 70cm contest including four by the same aircraft-scatter - is this a record? Brian BJF was weaker tonight for most people. He was hoping to hear the moon beacon on 3cm but nothing yet.  Colin had refurbished two folded dipoles to help Bob 4CMI and Bill 8SQM to get on this net. He had sold many valves from 3HOQ-SK. He was looking forward to seeing Robin 4YPL tomorrow for some dental work. Brian DIJ had worked 14 stations in the 70cm contest after fitting a new feeder. Brian  BJF was S7 tonight. He had watched the Wigtownshire club FT8 lecture on Zoom. He had resurrected his 1982 Blue Peter sledge. He was due for his vaccination tomorrow and might run to it! Briain had spent 3 x 2 hours clearing more than 8 inches of snow from his steep drive-way and had concluded that he was no longer 25! Several stations noted the widespread power cut last Sunday. E&OE. Audio tnx Peter GM4DTH.

Note: A = Net; B = post-net rag-chew.





Another lively net #44 on 3rd February with 10 participants: Colin GM4HWO (Controller), Peter GM4DTH, Pete GM4BYF, Brian GM8BJF (Peebles), Alan GM3PSP, Mike GM8KCS, John GM8OTI, Briain GM8PKL, Melvyn GM4HYR & Brian GM4DIJ.

Peter reported another QSO with Toby MM0TSS/M. He had carried out tests last Sunday with fellow-GB2RS reader Vic GM3VTB. Pete and XYL Kay had been busy re-decorating Bates Motel. On the 2m contest last night he had 22 QSOs, the best via aircraft-scatter with best DX G3XDY in Colchester. Brian BJF was using a new microphone which all agreed made his signal more readable, not to mention the 300W from his new NAG amplifier. He has been listening on 3cm with an 80cm dish for the HF moonbounce signal from DL3S but N/H yet. Alan said it had been snowing almost continuously at Fairmilehead for two days. He had posted on the website the notice of the first MOC Goudie lecture on on Orkney - Energy Islands  on 20th February.  His "big news" was that he had just had his first Covid vaccination a couple of hours before. Mike reminded people of the upcoming AM HF-6m Rally on 6-8 February, mostly in the USA, and would provide full info for Alan to post. Website: AM Rally Homepage. John was sorry to record the SpaceX rocket crash. He had been busy with his music in Celtic Connections. Briain continued his 2m antenna work at least indoors at the moment., battling centre-of-gravity vs centre-of-windage issues. He had taken his mother for her vaccination and was looking forward to his own. Colin had installed a DC PSU on his bench and had met 'Orkney Bob' GM4CMI at Tesco's and was encouraging him to join this net. Like Alan, he had had several more e-mails from George DU1GM (Philippines). Melvyn continued work at his daughter's new house, building a partition and laundry room. Brian DIJ had worked 25 stations on the 2m contest, the best being G4PLZ in Norfolk, by aircraft-scatter. He had worked 3 stations by reflection off the same aircraft. KST and NEC-5 software were very useful for this. And he had been out running on Corstorphine Hill. E&OE. Audio tnx Peter GM4DTH: