Archive of old radio news posted on the LRS website


2019-12-24 SAQ Grimeton 17.2kHz Xmas Eve:      07:30 UTC tune-up; 08:00 UTC message.                  Also: click for video.


2019-10-07 Famous Radio Hams - lists:

                  List-1   List-2   List-3   List-4  


2019-10-07 Tony Hancock - The Radio Ham 

 2019-10-07 Herman Munster Radio Ham - video

2019-10-02 Hurricane Lorenzo in the Azores - please avoid:

1 - 3,760.00 MHz.  3,770.00 MHz.  3,750.00 MHz
2 - 7,110.00 MHz.  7,100.00 MHz.  7,060.00 MHz
3 - 14,300.00 MHz.  14,310.00 MHz.  14,320.00 MHz.

(Via Lothians RAYNET). 

2019-09-29 Barnton Quarry Secret Bunker to be open again on Sep 29th. Booking essential (click).


2019-08-16 RSGB Workshop Group set up on io.groups

2019-08-15 Ideas that changed the world - the Smartphone (BBC iPlayer, 1 hour)

2019-08-13 Perseid meteors peaking about now.

Photo courtesy


2019-07-31-on Fringe play "Wireless Operator" about a WWII Lancaster bomber wireless operator.



2019-07-26 "The Current War" film at Cameo: (Edison - Westinghouse - Tesla); starring Benedict Cumberpatch. PSP review: very good (but probably not very commercial).


2019-07-26 BBC speech processor stops mumbling.

2019-07-18 EU Galileo Sat-Nav satellites back on air after unexplained week-long outage.

2019-07-15 EU Galileo Sat-Nav satellites off-air since 11th July in mysterious outage.

2019-07-13 New "Top Secret" exhibition at Science Museum, incl. GCHQ & Bletchley Park. (GB2RS).

2019-07-20-21 GB0DAM Special Event Station - Dumfries.

A special event station is being organised at Dumfries Aviation Museum for the weekend of 20/21 July 2019. The idea of this is that it is an opportunity for amateur radio operators, SWLs and others to meet each other over what is a largely scattered population.

2017-11-13 Bombshell - the Hedy Lamarr Story                                                                                                        - new movie about the actress/inventor of spread-spectrum radio transmission

2017-09-21 New RSGB Region 1 Manager is Tony Miles MM0TMZ (photo courtesy