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2020-09-04-06 RSGB 2m Trophy Contest: LRS GM3HAM/P at Gatehouse of Fleet.  

2020-09-03 On-Line Lecture by David Brown of the MOC on "Y Group" of Listening Stations in WWII:


Lecture will be live on-line at 7:00pm at:               

                                                            and thereafter on YouTube.                                                                                     


2020-08-23 10-Year-Old William M7WHB gets licence during virus lock-down. 

(Tnx Brian GM8BJF - "i" newspaper).



2020-08-11 GM3WOJ Invergordon 10GHz Beacon heard via rain-scatter by Neil G4DBN in Goole, Yorkshire. (Click for audio).


2020-08-05 Talk: The WWII British B2 Spy Radio & the Spies who served in France, Pt.1 by AA2YV. 

(B2 photo by Andre GM3VLB-SK)


2020-08-04 SAQ Grimeton VLF 17.2kHz report: Alexanderson Day 5/7/2020 with (long, 46m) videos.


2020-07-24 RadCom Basics issue free to all.

2020-07-23 & 25 - 122GHz - 1st GM/GM & GM/G QSOs by GM8BJF & GM4BYF (See this page and link to GM8BJF site for report, photos & videos).

2020-07-05 SAQ Grimeton Alexanderson Day transmission on 17.1kHz.


2020-06-28 Time-Lapse Video of 10 years of the Sun's History


2020-06-25 - Photo of GB2RS "Studio" at GM4DTH:


2020-06-24 GB3EDN beacon on 1296MHz heard in Sweden at 960km (GM8BJF). 

2020-05-24 Report on 8JXX2 yagi for 2m portable use by Norrie GM1CNH.


2020-05-20 Marconi wireless telegraph equipment to be recovered from the Titanic wreck of 1912.

Photo courtesy MSN News


Reproduction of Titanic receiver room at the Antique Wireless Museum in Bloomfield NY.

Equipment condition unlikely to be very good after 108 years! 


2020-05-16 How to see the ISS as it passes over Scotland during May.


2020-05-15 RSGB 2019 Scottish Memorial Awards announced (RadCom June 2020 p.16):

Jock Kyle Memorial to David Anderson GM6BIG (Kilsyth) for GB3CSB microwave beacon cluster.

Jack Wylie Memorial to Gavin Taylor GM0GAV (Perth) for his DX and contest work.


2020-05-09 CORONAVIRUS: how Amateur Radio is connecting people during lock-down. (BBC-News):


2020-05-07 Terry Robinson GM3WUX featured in Glasgow Evening Times article.

Photo courtesy Glasgow Evening Times

Terry has been a very welcome guest operator at GM3HAM/P on 6m & 4m VHF NFD for several years.


2020-04-29 GB3CSB microwave beacons back. Beacon-keeper David GM6BIG advises:

GB3CSB in Kilsyth back on about 17:00 today (27th) using a back up exciter put together over the weekend. No GPS lock, no JT4g, no time lock. Just carrier, CW Call & QRA. Carrier is around 50S in duration. The freqy is OCXO stabilised and the CW shift is exactly 400Hz. Be interesting to see how well it settles. Was within a few Hz when I left, but it could have used a longer warm up and burn in time. Plain (Plane ?) carrier, good for watching the doppler off the aircraft... Thanks to Mark GM4ISM for confirming all sounding good before I left site. Frequencies: 1296.985MHz, 2320.985MHz, 3400.985MHz, 5760.985MHz, 10.368.985GHz. Brian GM4DIJ reports hearing the 23cm, 13cm & 9cm beacons from his QTH on Corstorphine Hill.

2020-04-26 GB3CSB microwave beacons down. Beacon-keeper David GM6BIG advises that the GB3CSB beacon cluster at IO75xx59 in Kilsyth is currently out of service due to an equipment failure. He hopes to restore service  soon. Frequencies: 1296.985MHz, 2320.985MHz, 3400.985MHz, 5760.985MHz, 10.368.985GHz.

2020-04-15 The second LRS "Viral Net" on Wednesday 15th April had a turnout of 12 club members and was again controlled by Colin GM4HWO. The participants were: Pete GM4BYF, Briain GM8PKL, John GM8OTI, Alan GM3PSP, Peter GM4DTH, Colin GM4HWO, Melvyn GM4HYR, Mike GM8KCS, Brian GM8BJF, Norrie GM1CNH, Brian GM4DIJ, and Robin GM4YPL. Brian GM8BJF in Peebles was only heard weakly by Pete GM4BYF and Brian GM4DIJ

2020-04-08 Report by Peter GM4DTH on the first LRS "Viral Net" on April 8th 2020 during the coronavirus period while normal meetings are cancelled:

There were 8 stations active with a 9th listening for us. The net opened at 20:00a on 144.350MHz SSB. The net coordinator was Colin GM4HWO (Liberton). Stations active were Pete GM4BYF (Fairmilehead), Robin GM4YPL (Linlithgow), Mike GM8KCS (Fairmilehead), Peter GM4DTH (Bruntsfield), Norman GM1CNH (Corstorphine), Brian GM4DIJ (Corstorphine) and Brian GM8BJF (Peebles). Mike GM4IGS (Troon) was listening but did not hear us. All stations with the exception of GM8BJF could hear each other at good strength and readability. Minor netting errors existed and RIT was used to tune out the errors. There was a mixture of vertical and horizontal polarisation used with power levels ranging from 20W to 400W. Pete at Fairmilehead was using the 400W and his beam to try and get a signal down to Brian GM8BJF in Peebles. Brian was using a low vertical dipole and could hear GM4BYF with difficulty. In Edinburgh GM4HWO, GM4BYF & GM4DTH could detect Brian but his readability was no better than R1


 2020-04-12 YouTube video on B2 Mk III Spy Set at NRC Bletchley Park (GB2RS).


2020-04-04 GMDX Convention on 4 Apr 2020 Postponed due to coronavirus concern.

2020-04-03 "Forbidden Footage" revealed from Bletchley Park etc. (BBC News).

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2020-03-31 Social Distancing 

MHz!  ALSO: click for special instructions.


2020-03-19 RSGB Bans Multi-Operator Entries in all HF & VHF Contests up to 30 June 2020.


2020-03-14 MOC Goudie Lecture "Writing in Iron" Cancelled due to coronavirus concern.

2020-03-11 GM3HAM QSL Manager, Pete GM4BYF is retiring from that position. It is planned to transfer that function to LoTW - Logbook of The World. 

2020-03-10 New on LRS website: Andre Saunders GM3VLB and King Hussein JY1 - story by Colin GM4EAU.

2020-02-10 Powerful Space Radio Signal Repeating in a Pattern.

2020-02 Andy MM0FMF in RadCom SOTA article. (Feb 2020, pp.44-45).

Photo courtesy of RadCom There is also a photo of Paul Gacek W6PNG who spoke to LRS on 28 Mar 2018 (click).


2020-01-31 George Heriot's School Radio Club 

2020-01-16 SAQ Grimeton 17.2kHz Xmas Eve Tx report.


2020-01-14 WINDOWS-7 Support Ends Today.

2020-01-07 Mysterious Radio Signal from Nearby Galaxy (Only a half-billion light years from earth)!

2017-11-13 Bombshell - the Hedy Lamarr Story                                                                                                        - new movie about the actress/inventor of spread-spectrum radio transmission

2017-09-21 New RSGB Region 1 Manager is Tony Miles MM0TMZ (photo courtesy